Where I’m at, gamewise

January 8, 2009

As some may know I took a bit of a breather from WAR to go back to LotRO, play Moria a bit and catch up with friends and the guild. I also went off to the US for a couple of weeks and then engaged in the hell that is work scheduling during Xmas and New Year. All these facts conspired to mean I didn’t play anything as much as I’d have liked.

On LotRO my captain is now level 60, however, and courtesy of a kinmate has some nice weaponry to level. I’m at the stage where I’m doing the instances, and learning them in both normal and hard modes, starting to get radiance gear. I even just bought a goat! Crazy talk. It’s been a lot of fun, but due to my absences it’s felt a little cram-packed – but now it’s settling into a better pace for me, and I’m starting to stretch myself more and learn and appreciate all the content more.

On Warhammer, I decided to take a break with my Rune Priest, so I’ve been meddling with alts. I always wondered if I’d prefer the Warrior Priest, so I played one a little and I like it a LOT more than I did in beta. Which is a problem for me, as it means I may have made it my main. I still love the Rune Priest, but our guild has a lot of healers, and I wanted to return to the game fresh and new, and with a new character to level, while having a level 40 allows me to jump into any fun sounding T4 action. Which there’s quite a bit of on our server. I also made a Knight of the Blazing Sun – just in case I decide to shelve the Warrior Priest until the Dwarf MDPS tempt friends back to the game. Bring it on, Mythic!!

So that’s the gaming context I’ll be writing from, new alt in WAR, endgame content on LotRO. I also just loaded Mass Effect, which I’m told will make me look forward to Dragon Age… we’ll see!



  1. I always wondered if the warrior priest might still turn out to be a really fun class for you. And welcome back 🙂

  2. Yes welcome back.

    And also yes…Dwarf MDPS ❤

    I have no idea why I adore the Dwarf race so much, but I’m not complaining.

  3. I have been tempted back to try both WoW & LotRo – but am really struggling to find time to give any MMO.

    Glad to see you back to blogging, Arb’.

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