Thoughts oft mislaid

January 9, 2009

Why do I think I nicked the title of this post from someone I know? Ahh, memory can play strange tricks, I know someone who uses the ‘oft mislaid’ bit, and I obviously like it. Shows how my mind works a little.

Thursday nights are tough for me gaming-wise. I work till 7pm and have an hour and a half commute home, during which time I’m frequently listening to podcasts and trying to unwind, while getting progressively more ready for dinner (husband prepared, naturally!). So, I’ve declared Thursday nights to be Warhammer Online nights. There’s something very stress-free about logging in and participating in some RvR, while knocking out a few quests.

I’ve found it weird to go back to my Rune Priest, though I love having a character at level cap just in case something exciting turns up, but I am really enjoying my Knight of the Blazing Sun (and Warrior Priest, but for soloing purposes I’m sticking  with the Knight for now). So while the Tier 4 maps were changing hands fairly rapidly last night – something I didn’t even realise until 10:30pm when I really didn’t want to start working out which warband I could join and when, I was doing Tier 1 scenarios and questing.

I decided to try elf quests, as I heartily avoided them previously. And I’m guessing I’ll return to dwarf quests when I play the Warrior Priest (which is where me and Spinks left our levelling duo anyway), so the elf lands are really new to me. And I’m revelling in taking the game a little more slowly and a LOT less stressfully than when I was seemingly racing to the cap. I’m enjoying being out on my own, with an awesome guild behind me, of course. Previously, a lot of my friends were playing and there’s a certain amount of pressure to be good at your class, good at the game, available to play and at similar levels. Now, it’s just me, reading quests, enjoying the class and sometimes wishing I was in Tier 3 so I could start helping the war effort.

I did my first scenarios with the Knight last night, one of each Tier 1 ones. How nice a comeback is that? To get to see each scenario in the Tier and to frankly, kick butt in each. Yes, I even saw Khaine’s Embrace won with 500-200(ish) as the score! And I won my first Gates of Ekrund too. Previously it was all Nordenwatch, Nordenwatch – so it was refreshing to do all three in one evening. I kind of liked not healing too – which is very very strange for me. Something about a glowing chest and sunny sword will do that to a chick, eh?

So we’ll see, it very much feels like the start of a journey and so far, it’s doing me proud. I remember what I love about the game and a lot of it is the feeling of being able to dip in and out of the content and have a good time gaming without feeling pressure to stay up later than I want or log on the moment I wake up.


One comment

  1. There’s something about badass female warriors in heavy armour, I love it 🙂

    I know what you mean about it being more relaxing to play an alt quietly. I dunno if I’m weird but I like to have at least one unguilded alt just to dink around on. I think it feels more serene because if the guild was doing something I wanted to join, I’d want to hop onto my main. But to quest alone (or in a pair!!) in silence … it’s very zen!

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