Things I like about Moria

January 10, 2009

As my first comments on LotRO, I thought I’d start with a little list of things I like about the expansion, feel free to add your own:

  1. Bill the Pony
  2. 3-man instances
  3. Levelling my weapons
  4. Wardens (despite some reservations)
  5. Discovering hard modes in the 6-man instances, and then mastering them
  6. Finally winning some loot rolls!
  7. Zirakzigil sightseeing
  8. Book 6 – with two moments specifically. One where every member of our party swore loudly across Teamspeak when they spoke to an NPC and you could tell the order we reached the NPC in by the swearing, and then the end of the book
  9. Saying things like ‘I’ll just pop in and see the Watcher’ and then laughing manically at the consequences of my actions
  10. The toads’ poison description in the Rotting Cellar – classic!
  11. The sheer amount of boars in Eregion, and the realisation there isn’t one quest to kill a boar there
  12. Getting the title ‘The Librarian’, reflecting on real life! (as an aside, a lot of the new titles rock!)
  13. New armour, new look – there’s some really nice designs in there to choose from
  14. Helping dwarves, second best to playing a dwarf!
  15. Riding round Moria on goats, taking time to just look around at the design open-mouthed

There’s plenty more I’m sure, this is really off the top of my head because I wanted to learn to start to talk about LotRO, for so many months the game I never really spoke about, except to say I’ve had a lifetime sub since it opened.


  1. Cool list, I know the 3-man instances have me intrigued. (But why the warden and not the runemaster?)

    One thing I always loved about LOTRO, and I know this is minor, is that all the cooking recipes sound as though they’d be DELICIOUS if you made them iRL.

  2. One of the best new cooking recipes is bread and jam, with some quotation from the book about how happy that makes hobbits! (the other tier 6 recipes are shepherd’s pie and minted lamb racks) – a certain someone has boycotted the shepherd’s pie because the recipe calls for pie crusts ;p

    Why the warden? Because I think it’s a more clever character design. The RK is good, but there’s still a lot of controversy over its inclusion.. and I’m not sure if I love it. I’d LOVE to have one in a group with me though, ditto the warden! I did toy with adding both, but I think (for me anyway) the warden is the more innovative.

  3. Apparently there are several 3 man instances that were in the MoM beta, but they decided to hold back until the next free update, along with most of Lothlorien, the big new raid instance, and who knows what else. All of the new instances are generally pretty excellent, and bode well for future content of a similar vein.

    My favourite thing about playing through Moria was exploring the labyrinthine areas for the first time and getting lost. If a game can get me well and truly lost on a regular basis, I’m a happy chappy!

    Also, the conclusion to the Volume 1 Epic Book was very enjoyable.

    Biggest disappointment: No Gandalf vs. Balrog session play!

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