City Dungeon – Altdorf

January 11, 2009

It’s so bad, I’m not even sure what the dungeon I was co-opted into was – something sewer-y, with skaven.

I went back to WAR to participate in some secretly arranged push for territory – it was to be my triumphant return as Kaja, doing something I didn’t need to be too stressed about, checking out ORVR and distracting me from levelling my Knight. And we were in Reikland, an area I’m ashamed to say I don’t know so well. We kicked some butt. We took some BOs, we watched for Destruction, we formed an Alliance warband when the other two warbands out and about got too full and we wanted to be together. We defended a BO – it was good, but chaotic, like I remember.

And then it happened, someone on Alliance was desperate for a healer that didn’t have locks to somewhere. Someone in our guild suggested me. I put them off by saying I r eally was just here for the oRVR. They kept bugging me. Friend from guild kind of pushed me along too. I was told it was ‘just half an hour’ and so I caved and went. Bad call. I was in a group where I knew no-one, with people who’d been waiting an hour for a healer, and who had high expectations of me. And my heart wasn’t really in it. I told them I’d never been and to explain things about fights. They said ‘just heal’. The majority of the dungeon was pretty easy, it seemed to me. It really was just heal – but it also wasn’t half an hour. Then we got to the end fight, which no-one decided to explain, until I died (of course). Then we did it again, and a third time – all the while with me getting not-so-helpful advice about my healing, which really didn’t help at all. I ended up stressed, miserable, but easily keeping them healed. But I had a rotten time.

Weirdly, the fight was almost identical to one in a LotRO instance that I ran with a group of friends the next night. One that I didn’t feel stressed about at all. It’s probably what I feel comfortable doing with each character and a sign of how long it is since I’ve played Kaja that I feel uncomfortable and unsure of my abilities. But I guess I’m also unsure of new people, not as sociable as I once was – and though it’s nice to see new content, I somehow have become used to seeing it on my own terms, and this unsettled me. I haven’t been back to WAR since, but I think I’ll pop in sometime soon, just to assure the guild I’m not THAT freaked out!


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