WAR thoughts

January 14, 2009

WAR devs, who art in Fairfax

Stalked be thy names

Thy work be done

So we have fun, on Keeps as we do in Tier 1

Give us this day our MDPS

And forgive us our whines,

as we forgive those who grief our alts

Lead us not into the offline world

And deliver us from boredom.



  1. Heeeeheeee.

    Very nice. I expect to see you commenting on the next Haiku Sunday (provided I actually remember to DO it).

  2. I love haikus – count me in!

  3. Arbitrary, all I can say is: you win. This post dominates the internet. Congrats:-)

  4. is it sad that I really did lie in bed thinking ‘give us this day our MDPS’ before I tried filling it out?

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