No. 6 AND Khan :-(

January 15, 2009

I go to work, I come home, I’m sick throughout. Then we lose No. 6 and Khan. It wasn’t a great geek day.

But I finished Palestine (the graphic novel) and Fallen Son (again, graphic novel) and am ready to tackle Jodi Picoult’s Wonder Woman (um.. do I need to say it? Graphic novel!).  What can I say? I’m trying to expand my comics knowledge, and using the library facilities to the max! And I looked into flight prices for Comic Con, as I’m going this year. Scary stuff, I’m not great with crowds, but I was so jealous of my friend going last year I decided to bite the bullet and get him to get me a ticket to the event. Now I just need to sort out getting there. So, being full with lurgy means no game-related post (though I did in fact play both LotRO and WAR yesterday, and had a good time in each) – I thought instead I’d give a bit more personal info – this time podcasts and TV shows.

I’m watching: Lost, BSG, Chuck, Fringe, 24 and Supernatural from the US. Um.. I’m recording Demons in the UK, but haven’t warmed to it as yet. I am enjoying the return of Hustle and QI though.. and tend to watch all the satirical comedies as and when they show. I’m a bit of a TV nut, but I’ve become a lot more exclusive about what I watch these days, probably MMOs are to blame or recommend for that!

Was going to list the podcasts I listen to on a regular basis, but honestly I got bored typing the list. A ton from Virginworlds, as well as usual suspects on Warhammer Online, but a TON of  TV related ones too. Need all the shows to restart so I have more to listen to. Honestly. Am particularly enjoying Limited Edition for something a little different from my usual fare – I thought I wasn’t into comics at all until I um.. kept realising I’d read what they were talking about.

Proud to be different from those I work with and to embrace my inner geek!

Be seeing you.


One comment

  1. Ah man, Patrick McGoohan too?! It was bad enough when it was just Ricardo Montalban.

    Well arse.

    RIP both.

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