Cat fight!!!!!

January 17, 2009

Last night my plans were to play LotRO, and I was messing about doing a mirror run with a friend (I’m still loving “mirrors” and “Moria” said together – but it’s really pretty sad that we’re that keen to level our legendary weapons we’ll run around looking at mirrors!). Due to circumstances beyond my control, though,  I ended up back on Warhammer, firstly playing my Knight – until the guild kind of reminded me it was Order’s Fortress attack and they were already well into the Fortress by Caledor.

So I went back to my Rune Priest, kind of stagnant at rank 40 while I rediscover the joy of the lower tiers. I flew to Caledor, that was the easy bit. With some directions given on guildchat, I still couldn’t find the fortress before they took it. Let’s say they were pretty fast on taking it  once I logged on – to be fair to my navigation. But it did point out to me that it’s not THAT intuitive to know where fortresses are. I don’t think anyone had previously taken a fortress on the server, or certainly not in my memory, so there was a collective ‘yay’ from Order, and I left the warband in a grump and went to Black Crag to look for the next fortress myself…

…and I ran into two people from my guild who were in a warband with a space and told me to sneak in and just follow them as I’d found them! The rest of our guild were at the other end of the map checking keeps. To cut the rest of the story short, we attacked the fortress, the server crashed and I went to bed at 10:45pm.

Meanwhile, in the house we had a big delivery yesterday and left a giant empty cardboard box in the kitchen for the cats to play with. We have two cats, a 4.5 year old male who’s a bit of a wimp, and a devilish 1.5 year old female, who finds naughtiness where no-one else can. Let’s just say we had our own fortress battle rampaging in the kitchen for hours. One cat would get into the box, only to be attacked by the other. And it changed hands a number of times. I like to think it was a philosophical battle between describing the box as a fortress or a fairytale castle, fit for a princess – but let’s face it, it was just as real to the cats as my fortress battle on WAR. And they were probably a LOT more invested in their little war than I was in mine – and their fight is still going on this morning…



  1. Haha, awesome. Also, cats have an inbuilt radar for locating cardboard boxes!

  2. It changed hands several times? Sounds like a keep to me 😉

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