Early to rise…

January 19, 2009

I get up stupidly early. I use it as farming time in MMOs. Or time to cuddle the cats, since we have one cat that seems to only like getting close during TV viewing at 4am. Ok, so we’ve trained them to live with our idiosyncracies and then blamed them for them. I know this.

Yesterday was a weird mix of MMOing for me. I did a couple of scenarios with my Knight. Really, I’m growing to love Khaine’s Embrace but I’m very excited to be back at Mourkain Temple properly soon! And I’m preparing to dust off my Warrior Priest when we know about the date for Slayers – oh yes, I plan on healing the crazy psychotics. More fool me, or them?

So I was back on LotRO for much of the day though, hoping to get in some instance runs before helping some guildmates with an epic book chapter I didn’t even remember. Ended up farming some orcs near Lothlorien on the understanding that we think they might drop more 2nd age weapons. It seemed to work that way on saturday, not so sure sunday helped the case for it. Also helped my sister (the non-Spinks one) find some crystals in the Silvertine Lodes. Seriously, it’s beautiful design, but if there was anyone more in need of an in-game Sat Nav, it’d be me again. I get lost finding my way around the 21st Chamber (a big rectangle, for those that haven’t been yet), don’t put in complex tunnels and rails and multiple levels. Though I love them and it was a real achievement to find the crystals we were looking for (and luckily, she was very patient with me).

My group of crazies decided to give the 16th Hall a shot. For the  uninitiated it’s one of 6  six-man instances introduced in Mines of Moria, each of which gives a piece of the radiance set you need some of to do the Watcher fight, if you do the instance on hard-mode. Hard-modes are triggered by different actions in each instance. In the 16th Hall, it’s by killing the main boss without killing any of the multiple bugs that have 85 morale and hang out in his room. My role in that fight.. to aggro all the bugs and run around in circles while my group does the actual fighting. So it’s quite relaxing for me, bizarrely. We may have done the instance with less than a full group, we like to push our boundaries.. it was fun and challenging! And though it’s not everyone’s favourite new instance, I kind of like it.

Later on, we finished a quest in another of the instances – the Grand Stair (which gave me the title ‘Climber of Stairs’ which is so ironic considering my love of escalators). This quest (as far as we know) can only be completed by failing hard-mode. I kind of like that idea too. You have to trigger hard-mode (by fighting/killing two specific bosses within 10 mins) and then fail it, because the mob needed for the quest needs to stay alive for hard-mode to succeed. Confused? Ah, one day I’ll explain more specifically! 

Anyway, went straight from that to Vol. 2, Book 6., Chap. 8 (otherwise known as the last hard bit of volume 2). I got to see more of it when we had a minstrel along with us, and I appreciated that. Was very glad it all worked and got to really look at the boss. He’s kind of cute! I’ll go there again no doubt. Sometimes, it’s just nice to revists content to see it without being freaked out, and in the full knowledge it can be killed!

Afterwards, I watched ep. 2 of Demons. Oh dear. I mean, some of it has potential, but I just don’t know if I can wait that long – not while shows like BSG and Lost are occupying my mind at the same time. The circuits will never take it!

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