Next stages

January 20, 2009

So the next stage of getting back into blogging properly on WAR is to go through all those lovely new blogs (and I’ve peeked at most of them and they are pretty fun), and add them to my feed reader. To stay informed on European things.. well, I’m hoping people give me a little slack as I’m getting my head around it. And try to make some contacts on the various servers – actually, that’s my plan for this weekend, truthfully!

It’s strange, I actually used to work in the field of internet communications consultancy, and wrote papers on community-building, etc. But it was all to do with massive multinationals and activists and bringing the two sides together. And I prefer random blogging, really. But I do feel insane loyalty to the games-blogging community, whatever game – though especially WAR, I guess. I’d say especially LotRO too, but the game doesn’t have a very vocal blogging community.

And sometimes I wonder about that, but then.. how often did I mention LotRO on Book of Grudges? How often before that did I think about talking about it, but didn’t? Yes, I guested on a LotRO podcast but that was because I was morbidly curious to hear how I sounded, and because we were discussing my love of the time – monster play.

Anyway, as I juggle opinion pieces here, and community stuff there, things might get a bit jumbled. Always feel free to prod me in the right direction. All your views mean a LOT to me.



  1. I’m still trying to navigate the complex and ego-strewn field of blogrolls. Most of it is apathy (at least it is at my end — if I’ve failed to add a blog I read it’s because I’m senile, not because I’m nasty), and yet my ego twitches every time I come across a site that benefits from my traffic and can’t be arsed to return the favour, heh.

    Oddly enough I’m in the middle of reorganising my blogroll too. It started out as mostly WAR blogs, since that’s how I started out, but I’ve added grunches that aren’t all-WAR (or indeed WAR at all), and mine isn’t really WAR-based now either, so I’m reorganising. (And as a side note, oh HOW I wish I could just tick tick tick a bunch of blog links and assign them all a new category. Instead, I’m having to go through them one by sodding one. Hah!)

  2. sometimes I forget to add someone to my blogroll cos I read them on my feed reader!

  3. Heheh, same. I’m just going through the reader now and realising how many people I read and haven’t linked at home. Ahem.

    I so organised!

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