A Day of Many Amusements

January 21, 2009

[As I write this post, my youngest cat is transfixed to every movement on the monitor, and fighting the words as I type them. Like I said – nerf the cat!]

My plan yesterday was to get in some stellar gaming time, as I had the day off work and felt a little under-played from having worked on monday as overtime. Instead I had a riot chatting to Ardua (from aforementioned Echoes of Nonsense blog, see previous post) and Spinks. This led to a long search for flights to Dublin, which I gave up on, for the moment.

I also fiddled with both blogs and added all the new Warhammer Online blogs to my feed reader, as promised. Once I’d done the first read-through, it wasn’t too unmanageable, but it was sad to finally take off a couple of links due to inactivity. It was lunchtime before I realised I hadn’t had breakfast, so we moved straight to lunch instead. Boo! One day my husband will learn all about second breakfasts.

In the afternoon, I allowed myself to get distracted to chat about my EeePC and what operating system we should install, and it led to all manners of holy hell of geekery. In the end, we gave up and watched 24 instead, then watched the last 3 eps of BSG series 4.0 so my husband was caught up and ready to watch the new episode (we have a friend coming round to watch it so is important to be all caught up). Remembered what a damn good show it is. As if I needed reminding.

Gamewise, I have to admit I defaulted to LotRO again, as my friends were expecting me. If I’d played during the day, it would have been Warhammer, but I’ll get some RvR action in real soon. We did a couple of instances, and I got very down. Not because of anything specific, I think I just wasn’t in an MMO frame of mind – the rest of the day bore that out. Considering I usually spend every evening gaming, it’s blindingly obvious on those rare occasions when I’d rather be elsewhere, and last night was one of them. But we did have some  laughs, and we saw a new instance and beat it up.

Coming soon – my thoughts on each of the new Moria instances and some thoughts on my Tier 1 time in Warhammer, before my Knight reaches rank 12!


One comment

  1. I was in such a non-MMO mood all yesterday! We watched some BSG last night and I was glad to have a night off. Didn’t play monday either — I think I needed the break.

    Sometimes you’re just … .not in the mood.

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