But, when do I get my HAT!?

January 22, 2009

It may not have escaped your notice, but I’ve recently started a Knight of the Blazing Sun on Burlok and I’m finding her quite intriguing with her sports socks and interesting glowy chest thing. Actually, I’m really enjoying it. It’s a nice class to tool about with, though healing will always be my first love. I’ve done a mix of questing (in High Elf areas, because I usually avoid them like the plague) and scenarios. Not really tried oRvR yet, but that’s been a lot more to do with my play times! I’ve also not really done many PQs, but I might try some more as I edge into  Tier 2.

My thoughts on Tier 1 revisited? I’ve enjoyed it a lot. One of Warhammer’s big strengths is that it allows you to dive into the game and really get to see many of the facets (but without the annoyances of high level dungeons to get gear and the Crash Fortresses. There’s no keeps, and I kind of miss that, but most people spin through Tier 1 quite quickly, so maybe there’s not much point to them. Maybe Tier 2 could have villages to attack – yes, I’m not letting up on my concept of attacking little towns and taking them over for flash mob parties.

I am a little upset I don’t yet have a feathery hat, as you can tell from the title of this post. I want one, I demand as many feathers as possible. I want my Knight to look like a dodgy burlesque dancer and then slice up anyone who mentions it. Seriously. If I remember rightly, Witch Hunters don’t get their hats right away either, nor anyone else – but let’s face it, you only care if you have a hat that MATTERS!

So, what I was thinking on the way to work was – if you have classes who are more or less defined by how they look – which is the case with every class in Warhammer, why don’t we have class quests? I want my Knight to be sent on a quest to find the perfect bird to pluck for her hat. I want my Rune Priest to seek out some wise old lore person to embroider the runes in her collar, etc etc. Yes yes Spinks, Witch Elves could learn to crochet a bikini ;p

DAoC had epic questlines for armour for classes, amd I remember how cool it was to start the quest and then group up with a bunch of others that needed the same thing and head of in search of epic things to kill for my lovely friar set. It’s one of my fondest memories of the game.

Come on, you KNOW outfit quests would be as amazing as public quests, every MMO would have them in moments. Travelling to work, I rock.

Dear devs, when adding villages for me to take over and pillage, please also add some quests for me to dress my char more stylishly. kkthxbye.

pps. if anyone wants to send me a feathery hat in real life, I’ll happily hand over my address.


  1. I certainly hope my Slayer will get his mohawk from the outset.

    Although a hair quest could be kind of cool…

  2. The quest for the lost barber! Then you have to bribe him with the right kind of beer and find the pigments for your chosen dye.

    There’s a lot of quests we could fit into outfitting! And we all know MMO players care about cosmetics

  3. You mean a feathery hat like the one Brasse has: http://www.thebrasse.com/game-comics/258? (You’ll need to scroll down to see the hat.)

  4. […] post on the need for more ‘hat quests’ in WAR for the Knight of the Blazing Sun triggered a […]

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