Cats to Nerf (pt. 1)

January 23, 2009

Introducing the characters that will, no doubt, be mentioned a fair bit.

First – Diesel  (also known as McFlea, Deezlebub, and um.. Deez) getting on for 4.5 years old, we’ve had him since he was 7 months and a very very nervous kitten with underdeveloped legs from being stuck in a room with no socialising. He’s still nervous, but getting cuddlier by the month. He needs nerfing, because if he calls, I’ll drop everything to do whatever he wants.

And the latest addition is Malarkey (also known as Larky, Miss Malarkey and Princess Malarkey). She’s well-adjusted and came from a friend’s cat’s litter, so we’ve had her since she was 13 weeks old. From Diesel’s perspective she should be called Nemesis, but they not only look like brother and sister, they act like it too. They hate to be separated now, but they only grudgingly admit they like each other. Larky’s bad points include licking blankets until they become holes, staring at monitors as close as she can get, and falling asleep on scanners. She also chews headphone cables! I had to include the first we ever saw of her, because it needs nerfing (she’s around 15 months old now).

And to make this fit in with gaming, first one of Malarkey as she is now.. with a special pair of sunglasses. And second, one of the discarded ‘Waaagh’ pics from Syp’s age-old competition!


(for the record, Diesel is the one looking at the blackboard, Larky is giving him the evil eye)



  1. Awwww!

  2. What beautiful cats!

  3. Damnit, cuteness of the scale on the second one 😛

    …I need a cat.

  4. The CatOrc picture cracked me up!

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