Best place to farm…?

January 24, 2009

I was looking at some of the search terms people have used to find this blog (whoever searched for ‘hit cat with nerf ball’ – you are not welcome here!). Aside from ‘hard mode’ and the various new LotRO instances, one of my most popular random searches is people looking for the best place to farm Second Age items in Moria. Standard legendary weapons/items are third age, they’re the purple loot. Second Age is teal and the items can level higher and therefore gain more legendary points and have more chances of getting a good skill (I can see I may need to explain this sometime). First Age stuff is from the Watcher raid only, currently (and as far as I know).

Second Age stuff can also sell insanely well on the Auction House, so there’s a lot of interest, naturally. Now, my friends have some theories about the best places to farm such items and they’ve done ok there. In fact, I only bought one of my Second Age items (and yes, that means I’m lucky enough to have a few donated by a friend). Do I publish the place we go here?

Which leads to that interesting question about blogging/commenting on forums/etc? What information do you keep to yourself? I’ve been fairly open here about servers I play on, guilds I belong to and my character names – because frankly I don’t expect many people will ever see this blog and I’m not too worried about it anyway. But will I spill the secret of where we go to farm Second Age legendary items? Not sure, it seems a bit like a betrayal. But there’s also the fact  I don’t necessarily believe it’s any more likely to drop them than any other place where you can fight level 60 mobs (there’s your clue, fight the highest level mobs and at least you’ll get higher level legendaries!).

Would you tell?



  1. My posts on gaming are normally about perceptional interpretations & i don’t normally post ala game guide, as there are many other sites that do that very well.

    It is not surprising how many bloggers go by a pseudonym but that something I have avoided, as the internet can be enough of a facless/soulless place as it is without me adding to it.

  2. I think I’d post about good farming locations if I found any, it seems dead unlikely that I’d find anything first but I don’t see any special reason not to pass it on as long as it isn’t an exploit.

    I’d always be cautious about giving out my RL name though, I’m sure people who were determined could find it but … it just makes me uncomfortable.

  3. […] found a really good farming spot, would you blog/share the information or keep it to yourself? Nerf the Cat wonders if it would be unfair to the friends she farms second age items with if she were to write […]

  4. best place to farm them is in the library of steel instance. go in, kill everything wait til you fail, go out sell/repair/id items repeat. until you get teary eyed. i’ve been playing pretty hardcore for quite a while, outside of raids, i’ve only seen 1 2nd age item drop outside of the LoS (captain’s dagger). I’ve personally collected 8 2nd age items in there. Of course none were for my main’s class, but they all sold well, or were well received by a kinmate.

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