New class, new start

January 25, 2009

I’m sure I’m horrifically badly informed here, but in the old days of my MMO playing, didn’t games quite often open one or two new servers whan they released a new class? That way anyone wanting to start over from scratch had an oppotrunity to start on a shiny, fresh server with no established economy and to re-live their new-game experience. I always quite liked the idea, even though I never took it up.

I could definitely see the appeal with LotRO. I quite like the warden and the runekeeper, and I might like the opportunity to start over. Sure, there’s some grinding in there, but let’s face it, the game has changed quite a lot since I first started playing it, areas have been re-vamped, traits are MUCH more pleasant to cap, etc etc. I’m not saying I would choose to play on a new server, I’m just quite surprised it wasn’t offered.

I’m not as surprised with Wrath of the Lich King, because Death Knights start at level 55. But if there had been fresh start servers for Burning Crusade, I think it might have tempted me to give World of Warcraft’s first expansion a proper examination. Mostly because some of the reason I left that game was to do with social reasons, more than the game itself. But now, I look at it and think – even if I wanted to, I can’t bear getting to whatever level on a server where people are already there and doing it, the economy is sorted, and I just feel like a teeny sprocket in a massive machine. Maybe that’s me.

I know there’s people out there who follow games a lot more closely than I do, all the gang at Shut Up, We’re Talking, Van Hemlock, Massively, Tobold, etc. So have any recent games done this? Am fairly sure Everquest and Dark Age of Camelot did it, but maybe that’s my warped imagination!!



  1. I think that in LotRO’s case, the rate of new players coming in probably isn’t high enough to justify new servers, and the current servers, although quite busy, are far from saturated.

    By rolling on established servers, new players are much more likely to find people to group with, i.e. the alts of established players. It’s also not as difficult to ‘catch up’ as it is with WoW, for example. The current virtue cap of 10 means that players at the level cap can be caught up, and there are many more options for acquiring these traits than there were previously.

    There are also many more leveling quests than there were at launch, crafting only really becomes grindy at higher tiers, and even then, it doesn’t offer any huge advantage to be maxed out. There aren’t many big gold sinks beyond the means of the average player. It’s difficult to imagine an MMO that is more friendly to new players.

    On the other hand, completing the Volume 1 Epic Book could be a long hard road for new players, but as long as they are prepared to out-level it and do the group parts as and when they can (GlobalLFF channels help here), they’ll eventually be able to get it done. It’s entirely optional of course, but as it offers some of LotRO’s best content, it would be a shame to miss it.

  2. The trouble with new WoW servers these days is that there’s a rush at the start from people wanting to start anew and race to max level. And most of them then get bored and go back to their mains on other servers, leaving the new one a bit dead.

    It’s not inevitable! Just it isn’t really the same as when the game was newer …

    I dont’ remember if DaoC opened new servers when they had new classes. Or did the new classes come with new expansions and the servers got opened for those?

    ie. I’m not sure the flood of new players is really there, and any new players are likely to have friends on different servers.

  3. I’m not convinced it’s a good idea, for all the reasons you both mention. But I was just trying to dredge it up from my memory.

    I don’t think I’d go to a new server, though I might if I were trying to start in an established game.. I doubt it, but I’d consider it

  4. Hiya!

    Completely OT, but in case you’re interested, I have set up RSS feeds for your 2 Blogs on Livejournal at the following addresses;

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    Speak to you soon!
    Si (Tholfir)

    • Awesome, thanks!

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