January 26, 2009

First, a quick celebration. My Second Age Captain’s Emblem actually got a legacy I needed badly at level 30. So it’s my new official emblem. Hurrah. Secondly, I’m now a Supreme Grand Master Tailor in LotRO – of course, this is rather pointless, as drops tend to be better than crafted stuff if you go to the right place, but I might make myself a cloak the next time I can bear to go farm some leather…

Played my Knight a bit more, and I still like it. But on the character screen I find myself drawn more and more to the Warrior Priest. I’m looking forward to taking her out soon (my husband says it’s the shaved head that appeals, since I used to shave mine – a long time ago! Well, last time was 4 years ago when I had a mohawk ;p).  And then there’s poor little Kaja, who comes out for Keep activity and little else. Been speaking to guild and think I’ll be trying to do some dungeons with her, and see how I feel about them after the days of hating Bastion Stair and not really needing the gear. I’m looking forward to it.

But I do find it quite tricky to balance both games, and I know LotRO has had a bunch of my prime-time recently. I hope to address this, as I really do enjoy the difference in the games. LotRO is almost exclusively PvE for me, since I gave up my spider (though I might go back to her sometime) and WAR has a certain freedom about it. I can log on, join a random or fixed group, go kill things and not really have to think too much about it, depending on where and when. And they’re both pretty in different ways. It’s certainly the first time I’ve ever had two subs on the go at the same time, and I’m not sure I adjusted well, but it’s all still a work in progress.

Short update today, because I spent a lot of time being sociable in real life, and because I’m steering clear of ranting about something I don’t really want to talk about!


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