A self-indulgent post (to ignore)

January 27, 2009

I’ve been in a bit of a pissy mood all week, for a variety of reasons almost all to do with things happening in real life. But I’m also finding getting back to the Book of Grudges a little difficult. I’m used to it being this big, fun thing – and it’s been well.. tricky. And I do feel a little slighted by Mythic, they asked a ton of bloggers for their snail mail addresses, including ones in Europe. Nada. They mostly don’t have me added to their twitters so I can’t even take part in the conversations online… and I’m grumpy already.

From a marketing perspective, it makes much more sense to target a wide range of bloggers. You get the most bang that way, packages go all around and people will link to them regardless of where they get sent really. What we need is someone to take apart their valentine’s mail with a fine toothcomb, and I’m sure they will, fairly soon and as soon as all 13 packages arrive. Then there’s the big anouncement on 29th January, so very soon we’ll know about new classes, changes to fortresses, possibly new cities, things they want to do to stop the game from slumping.

I like the game a lot, don’t get me wrong. Hell, I listen to all the podcasts, read all the blogs, do what I feel I can for the community. But I also hear one of  the most active guilds on my own server is dying, stopping organising mass zone charges, and that makes me sad. There is someone trying to step into that gap, but Mythic’s announcement cannot come fast enough.

I’m not sure I’d transfer from my RP server elsewhere. . So I remain a bit grumpy, a bit out of sorts, and I await the 29th January and wonder if I shouldn’t spent any time on twitter or looking around the place until then. I know it’s all on me, here. And that I wouldn’t normally give a toss. And that annoys me more.



  1. What I’d do is go ahead and send in your address anyway. I know they had a hard time reaching me, for some reason, and it was only after a friend forwarded me a letter he got from them that I knew they were doing all this. They are trying to get a contact list of all regular bloggers put together, so I really doubt it’s a personal slight on your account.

  2. I have not enjoyed the way Mythic have gone about how they promote their image to the gaming community at large. Like you I haven’t been asked but then again I’ve appreciated both Blizzard & Codemasters ‘love’ via snail-mail. Something that Mythic would have a very hard time to top 😉

    Chin-up – don’t let the bastards grind you down!

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