A bit more random

January 29, 2009

Lost has run quite a few ARGs in its time, I think 3 or 4.  At least 2 of them have been cancelled because they were either too complex, so only the very dedicated could finish them, or because they weren’t complicated enough. The only one that really worked  was the search for flight 815 because it tied in directly to the opening episode of S4 which it preceded.

Ah yes, it’s a Lost day!



  1. Hurray! for Lost. I’ve never been able to get in to ARGs, though, I had a desultory browse around some of the Dharma websites n’ stuff they put up before one of the series (2 or 3 maybe? Or 4… they all blur a bit…) but never got anywhere with them. If they cancelled a few, I guess they’re harder to balance than MMOGs!

  2. just watched latest Lost. I love that show, I try the ARGs, but it’s always so much easier to read someone’s summaries of them! I did like the latest where you got to do Dharma proficiency tests!

  3. Not reading! No spoilers! We’re saving up our episodes so we can watch several in a row. It’s the only way I can watch them on TV, chopped up as they are with {dramatic moment} — BUY THIS AND YOU”LL GET LAID! now back to your — {dramatic moment}

    Stupid US TV.

    Yes, I’m grumpy.

  4. Still stuck in season 3, 6 episodes in…season 4 looks more tempting but must resist the fast-forward!

  5. @dmosbon the first 6 eps of series 3 were notoriously dodgy, it gets so much better from there, I really envy you!

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