As promised

January 29, 2009

A little update on LotRO and my life.

First of all, work is quite busy and very under-staffed all the way through till March, so I just offered up every free day I have for overtime. Have to pay for the trip to Comic Con ssomehow! But it means I’m more tired than usual and a bit sick of it all. Luckily discovered work had in some of the graphic novels I want on order, so reserved them all. Plus I’m doing a display of BAFTA/Oscar nominated actors in the DVD section. Little things, eh?

The group I mostly play with have now managed all the Moria instances on hard-mode, enough that I will one day do a write up about them all and mark them. They were a decent challenge and look forward to seeing what’s to come.

To answer the biggest question of the week, though, faming second age weapons and items – one of the best places we think we’ve found is the moria-orc areas outside of Moria, there’s some argument over whether the sappers in the first camp have a higher chance of dropping. So we often hang around them, but not convinced they’re any more lucky than any other level 60 humanoid mobs!



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