Hammer Housing of Horror

January 31, 2009

It struck me today that my house in LotRO is really there for me to shove trophies, bits and pieces I acquire from killing bosses to put up on display and amuse myself, if noone else. Of course, I have an Inn League Keg (donated by unwise) and I originally bought the house for the extra storage chest. But I thought I’d show the world some of the things I have around the place.

First, an outside shot of the front door and the Balrog sword in my front yard. I’m in a dwarven housing area, which is why it’s all stony!

Then we go inside the house, to a multitude of bits of bosses, from suits of armour to dwarven drawbridge dioramas and tentacles in tubs of slime (that twitch!)

Cave Troll and Tentacle

Cave Troll and Tentacle

Armour from Fil Gashan

Armour from Fil Gashan

I have a load more, but it’s already a graphic intensive post, so instead I leave you with a lovely outside shot of our kinhouse, just to show you it’s not all bits of bosses in the housing area!!! But I love my little house, even though it’s filled with death, I see it as just as important as achievements if I can hang a picture (or arm with a raven on) on my wall to prove I’ve been there when something died. Love it!

Our kinhouse - The Stoop

Our kinhouse - The Stoop



  1. Is your dwarven house in a remote area or do you have neighbours? Do you know them to talk to?

  2. That’s an impressive house, especially the sword pedestal. I would definitely like to have a display stand or several for some of my more treasured items.

  3. There’s about 4 of us from the guild in that dwarven neighbourhood.Each neighbourhood is an instance, so you pick which you want to be in. My house is actually on a little lake, so to get to it you need to go over a bridge. I love it!

  4. […] something from a LotRO blog, so I’m going to pass it on here. The suit of armour trophy from my housing post, that one in the little cabinet… General Talug’s Armour from Fil Gashan? Well, you can […]

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