Theatre stuff

February 1, 2009

Am in London for a couple of nights, packed saturday full of theatre. Derek Jacobi makes an amazing Malvolio. There are still #10 tickets to see Jude Law in Hamlet in August.

And Oliver! made me smile. It’s hard to hear ‘Consider Yourself’ without smiling I found. Also they had a t-shirt saing ”d Do Anything’. Well dodgy. I liked the ‘Fagin’s Gang’ one, but also didn’t buy it.. I might, eventually. Poor dog was only in it a bit, and each time ran straight across the stage. Burn Gorman rocked and enjoyed being booed (ha ha, from Torchwood viewers perhaps?).

Theatre is good. It’s real and buzzing and however tired, it picks me up. Miss gaming, naturally. And London is as noisy as ever.



  1. I’ve heard very mixed things about the Donmar production – apart from Malvolio, what did you think of the production as a whole?

  2. What did you think of the main star, Rowan Atkinson though?

    I saw Phantom of the Opera on Monday and thought it was great.

  3. First of all, I really enjoyed Twelfth Night, but Derek Jacobi stood out for his understated and yet brilliantly captured Malvolio. Of the rest of the cast, I liked Feste best, the others were a bit over-animated for me for a lot of the time. It was a pretty standard production I thought also!

    I enjoyed Rowan Atkinson in Oliver! He was as good as expected, the whole cast did a good job, but for me, Ron Moody will always be Fagin!

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