Stuck on a train

February 2, 2009

There’s something about me that attracts bad travelling conditions to and from London. London today has at least 6 inches of snow, all buses are off and luckily we were on a tube like unaffected by it. Got to our train at King’s Cross and all seemed well if a little slow…

…that is until we got stuck behind a broken train at Hatfield. So we’re stuck not far from London, in the knowledge we have at least a 3h train ride home. It’s snowing heavily and we’re not going anywhere. I fear they’ll send us back to London and our poor cats are expecting us today!!

I feel crappy, so no real blog post today. We may well have to go back south and ask our cat-sitters to do another day.

ps. discussed giving me a mohawk last night, was going to do it for the Slayer, but went to sleep instead. Sorry Mythic, you snooze, you lose.

pps. stopped someone at a bus stop today to tell them all the buses were off. Thinking we were being good citizens. He nodded and repeated the same while tapping into his phone, then laughed and explained he was a bus driver trying to find out iif he was working!


  1. BLAH! Good luck with the trains.

  2. Only in London eh!?

  3. haha, well I travel to London a lot, so I only notice it in London when I get trapped through lack of trains (has happened twice in the last few years, bit never for snow). I know a lot of the country got hammered with much worse snow than London though!

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