Returning to the WARzone

February 3, 2009

I’d been dabbling in WAR to have a break in-between Moria and also to keep in touch with my fabulous guild over there. But I have to admit the January 29th announcement did one thing for me, it made me consider taking more of a break until the event around Valentine’s. And (as I will post on another day), I am no fan of in-game events. I’m really not. But I like them as a bookend for my returning or leaving a game for a block of time. So instead of messing around with my Knight and getting her properly into Tier 2 (which I may yet do this week, who knows), as of right now.. I’m planning a couple of weeks of WAR radio silence, in preparation.


Because I know come the event, and come the Slayer, WAR will take over as my primary MMO again. And I look forward to this, I like the game, I like the levelling and the scenarios and PQs when you have people to do them with… and I know the servers will be buzzing with the new classes and associated healers/tanks etc. In case anyone doesn’t know. I’m planning on finally levelling my Warrior Priest with the new intake of Slayers. I was never sure whether I wanted to be a Warrior Priest or a Rune Priest and I went with Rune Priest because I didn’t love the melee healing in beta. Idris, my Warrior Priest is level 9 now, and I’m loving it. So I’ve enforced a break so I don’t get her into tier 2 until some of my Slayer buddies are there with me.

Am I worried about healing those who want to die?

Perhaps. But one of the great things about WAR is that death holds no fear. And I don’t mind if I die, unprotected.. unless we’re in a dungeon and it matters if there’s no healing. I think it’s both a good and a bad attitude towards character death, but it’s certainly a liberating one. If you manage to play with others who can embrace this carelessness, you’re in for a lot less stress as a healer. Do your best, let them do theirs, and accept that sometimes numbers or balance will be against you. Sometimes, skill as a healer simply isn’t enough.

I can’t wait to play my Warrior Priest again. I really can’t. So much so that playing the Knight seems a bit… time-wasting, but I also really really want a feathery hat. So I might play her if I have some time and the enforced break rules break-down.

Am also a little hamstringed by the fact my husband’s laptop is in for repairs, so I’m letting him timeshare my PC. See, I’m all heart!


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