How low can you go?

February 5, 2009

I don’t often read forums in their entirety these days, I dip in and out of the Vault, Warhammer Alliance and Freddyshouse – mainly to keep up-to-date for Book of Grudges. And on the LotRO side I really do flick through the Codemasters forums, before I look at the Turbine ones (generally just use the dev tracker and Captain forum though). But occasionally, I’ll do a longer look and something will really catch my eye.

Yesterday, Turbine’s did it with this very amusing thread about getting LotRO to run on an Acer Aspire One. It grabbed  my attention because I love my netbook (I have an Eee PC 701, but considering upgrading before my holiday in the summer). I love netbooks in general and the idea of being able to run LotRO on one was quite alluring… so I read the thread from beginning to end, and it seems people have had an amazing amount of success putting any Turbine game on any netbook. I loved the jovial back-and-forths with devs/community managers, the screenshots of the game on different systems and the advice on how to get it all to work. I might try it myself sometime, using some of the tips given here. I like the idea that I could log in and just chat… I don’t think I’d want to even try and play, but a lot of the time I do just log on to check auctions etc.

Hidden in the thread is a suggestion from a player that games developers create mobile room interfaces for netbooks/iPhones/wifi devices/etc where you could log in from pretty much any device with the net and interact with auction house, mail, crafting and maybe even the player bank and chat. I think it’s going to happen, or should. I’d definitely check stuff on my commute to work, or when on holiday. But maybe that’s just because I’m a little bit sad!

What do you think? Workable? Desirable? Or just for those of us who can’t drop our addictions ;-p



  1. Ofc, that’d be awesome, especially if it could be made through a normal web-site…

  2. Huh, modular mini-clients? That is a great idea. So clever in fact, that I’d be surprised if it doesn’t happen. Course I know nothing about what would be required to do something like that, but even a stripped-down mail/AH interface client thingy would probably be the hottest MMO thing since sliced paladins.

    And I don’t even have a (working) laptop or phone 😛

  3. LoTRO and Warcraft both run fine on my 10inch Netbook (Samsung NC10). WoW is easier as my screen is less cluttered than in LoTRO. I ‘can’ play LoTRO but it feels like harder work.

    Since my Netbook has XP it was just a straight install and patch using an external DVD drive.


  4. Hurrah, I’m thinking of getting an NC10 🙂

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