Save our Bees

February 6, 2009

“If the bee disappeared off the surface of the globe then man would only have four years of life left. No more bees, no more pollination, no more plants, no more animals, no more man.” Albert Einstein

As we all know from watching Dr Who, and the news (of course), we’re having a bit of a bee crisis. So, do your bit and go register to ‘Save Our Bees’, as part of the National Science and Engineering Week (6-15 March 2009). You register, they send you seeds for bee-friendly plants and we all try and do our bit to save the British bee.

I have a personal interest in this, since I love bees and am deadly allergic to wasps. And I like sunflowers, wildflowers and freebies!

In other, more MMO-y news, I looked yesterday for some LotRO blogs – there’s not many out there, and I kind of like that. I’ve never really spoken about it all that much, but LotRO got a lot of grief from ‘serious’ MMO-ers when it launched, and they’re now going back to it in droves and finding out why we were all able to overlook issues such as lack of content and scary Angmar and stick with a game we loved. I guess I felt a bit of a pariah at the time… but it seems to me LotRO is still a game where a ton of us are playing it, and loving it, but not really talking about it. It’s our own little secret.

And who isn’t a little scared about what happens when the blogosphere decide it’s a bit lame again… we know the boredom cycle is a fast one!

Anyway, I learned something from a LotRO blog, so I’m going to pass it on here. The suit of armour trophy from my housing post, that one in the little cabinet… General Talug’s Armour from Fil Gashan? Well, you can click on the cabinet and go into orc disguise (which is what much of the instance is about). Awesome. I’m heading to my house right now to get all dressed up as an orc and then get pissed on my Inn League keg and end up somewhere fun like the top of Weathertop. Fancy Dress party at my place, anyone?


  1. Wait, are you that orc who turned up and chased me around when I was doing my runekeeper quest! I thought it looked familiar.

    re: bees. We had a bees’ nest in our garden last year. Nature reserve or what? 🙂

  2. I believe a certain CSI likes bees too?!

    Have registered, Arb’ – nice call!

  3. I myself have a website (www.beeright.com )
    trying to inform the world on CCD (colony collapse disorder). It’s like nobody cares. I have been at this since Feb. 2007. It looks like all the bees will die before our goverment’s take action !
    How Sad this is to me !!!!

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