February 10, 2009

I’m too tired to put together a decent post, and I didn’t really play much of anything yesterday due to extreme fatigue. So instead, here’s some things that have been on my mind.

I’m big at typos. I don’t touchtype, and we usually keep all lights off in the house, so I make mistakes a lot. I’m quite used to typing ‘lo’ instead of  ‘;p’ and I’m sure everyone reads it the right way, as we’re all used to seeing that one at the end of sentences. But while typing to Spinks in LotRO the other day I wanted to type ‘see’ and instead typed ‘aww’. I’m now on the lookout for any similar mistypes – ones that come out sounding like a valid response, but are just wrong!

Then, I hear from a friend that he received an amusing email from his girlfriend that I REALLY shouldn’t blog about, but as I’ve been giggling about this all morning, I thought I’d share:

As for birthday/valentine presents, I would rather get engaged, as you know. Barring that, I would like the Bose SoundDock

Putting back perceptions of needy women, one day at a time. But actually, I did laugh. Sometimes, you have to. But he was looking for advice, so feel free… and I’ll pass anything on. You can then debate whether I should have posted this.

Talking of birthdays… (see how easily I slipped that in), I thought I’d found a perfect present to suggest to my family. Was about to send the email, only to find out said item had gone up quite a lot in price and was no longer… worth it. Bah! Will take potluck gifts – I want things that are too expensive, or too ‘only available in the US’.

And to bring this all back to gaming, I meant to comment on this over the past week, but forgot. Games based on popular soap operas… I wonder how many street residents you get to kill! And I don’t have a DS, so I don’t even have to be tempted!! (for the record, I hate all soap operas).

And last of all, if you haven’t seen the Slayer footage over at Ten Ton Hammer, go look at it. I already picked out the mohawk I’d have (the wild one, for the record), but I’ll be playing a Warrior Priest with no hair (both hairstyles I’ve actually sported!).


  1. Is “no hair” technically a “hairstyle”? 😀

  2. I think it’s all in how you carry it off!

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