I just don’t like in-game events

February 11, 2009

I mentioned in Book of Grudges, in passing, that I wasn’t doing the Murder Night stuff.. yet. I will, when I have time and energy and before the week is out I’ll pop in and check it out. Everyone seems to be receiving it quite well. Which is great for the game. But, as the title says – I just don’t like in-game events. I never really have.

In the same way I get a bit queasy about celebrations in real life, where on one specific day at one specific time a group of people are expected to be ‘up’ and ‘happy’ is quite hard for me, as a moody kind of gal. I do the whole celebrating thing, but it always brings a little awkwardness my way.

In my MMOs it’s almost the same, with an added twist. I don’t really like the real-world references that sometimes accompany crowbarring events to real-life ones. I got the pirate gear in LotRO on ‘Talk Like a Pirate Day’, but I didn’t like that such a weird event was being celebrated by something in my Middle Earth. I don’t like Valentine’s in World of Warcraft, I’m prepared to accept it more in Warhammer because it has a believable background, but I’m sure there will be other events that jar me more. I’ve stopped caring about LotRO in-game events at all, the Inn League quests, the dancing quests, the horse races – too much of the same, each time. And all the rest of the players on the server out there and really enjoying them. Maybe I’m getting tired of fluff.

Maybe I am, but I don’t think so. I like new titles, I love cool-looking armour/cloaks/weapons. I like the idea of pets (if I could have them in LotRO or WAR, but I did love them in WoW). I even like silly little quests that crop up from time to time. I just don’t like them being for a fixed week and tied into something outside the game for me.

I can’t put my finger on it, which makes it a bad subject for a blog post really. And of course I don’t boycott in-game events, it just takes me a while to get into them and find my enjoyment. I liked the run-up to the Knights of the Blazing Sun event, though I blazed through it in one weekend, I missed Keg End bar one day of checking it out, I am not enjoying the ‘tokens’ and ‘gifts’ in LotRO at the moment, and I skipped the last in-game festival altogether, so it really is across games.

I know, I’m an old, grumpy killjoy.



  1. I don’t like live-events too…but in Warhammer it’s for some reason a little bit different.

    I’m no I-have-to-accomplish-every-task-given-whatsoever-type of gamer. So the extra-given tasks are no fun for me and I don’t complete such tasks if they are not fun. No matter what the reward is.

    What I like in WAR. No “spin-off” from RL-events. So no SuperBowl-Weekend-event or similar.. 😉 When game-events are like RL holidays just breaks the rpg-feeling to me and makes me go throwing meh-comments all around. In WAR the events fit somewhat to the holidays, but are all Warhammer-like, e.g. I don’t get the feeling of christmas-overload and such.

    I’m still no fan of live-events, but I don’t get this need to tell everybody what they can do with that event…if you know what I mean 😉

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  3. I am somewhat ambivalent about the in-game events. If there are nice items or titles that can be acquired by participating, I will often do them (the Harvest Pony in LOTRO is beautiful). I mean, who doesn’t want to be known as “Pie-eating Champion”? In WoW, I am tired of pretty much all of their in-game events (Lunar Festival anyone? Anyone?).

  4. In my own opinion, in-game events are fine so long as they aren’t a chore. The Murder Night even is definitely a step in the right direction as compared to the Heavy Metal event. However, some tasks (like kill 10 keep lords and kill 20 marked monsters) were just an exercises in waiting and spawn camping.

    That’s not my idea of fun.

  5. /lurks in

    I’m not alone? I’m not alone!

    /slithers out

    I have no objection to live events — actually, I like them. I just don’t particularly want to DO them. Maybe it’s because of my altitis — if one char does them, I feel like the rest of the battalion should too and then it just becomes one huge repetitive chore. Also, it becomes one of those “oh, I’m logged in, I really SHOULD do {insert event}” — and I’m very, very, very bad at doing what I should.

    Signed Cathy Contrarypants

  6. If they just renamed them Grind Events, I’d be happier. At least I could be honest with myself about what I was doing there.

    “Hey, celebrate Christmas by… running all over the world doing these tedious quests! And at the end we’ll give you these virtual presents! Which are rubbish, even by virtual present standards!

    No grind? No gift! Merry Christmas!”

  7. Somebody needs a… BEAR HUG!!!!!!!

  8. BEAR!

  9. HUG!

  10. You can have pets in Lotro… if you are a lore master there are cosmetic pets available.

  11. Aww, you all made me feel better, except Thallian who reminded me I’m a dolt – and yes, LMs have loads of cosmetic pets, but haven’t had any added in a while, which is probably why I forgot them

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