Happy Valentine’s

February 14, 2009

I love you.

Oh. Wait. I may not be telling the truth there, but hey, a kind word even if a falsehood goes a long way. As games devs, and marketing departments often realise. Yes, it’s Valentine’s Day, so my cynical chip has kicked in big-time.

Last night I played WAR and LotRO. I took out my Warrior Priest (she who is supposed to be in waiting for some Slayer buddies) and decided to go grind some influence so I remembered what all her skills did. I left her in Dwarf lands, which I know pretty well, so I shuffled off to go hit something with a big hammer, Hawley-style. Was pretty fun, but a grind nonetheless, so I queued for scenarios and once again did all 3 scenarios in my time online; Nordenwatch, then Khaine’s, then Gates of Ekrund. I don’t really remember which side won, but it did make a nice break from what I was doing and got me a bit of renown and xp. Decided I probably shouldn’t play too long, since I’d like her to start in Tier 1 with the mohawks. She’ll examine them all for the quality of their head-shaving abilities and then pick a couple of likely lads to hang around with and pat, carefully.

Was chatting to my friends on teamspeak and eventually we decided to whip through the Grand Stair on hardmode to look for some jewellery we know drops there (this is in LotRO, in case of confusion). Went without our burglar, due to crappy connection issues and switched in a Runekeeper. So we’ve still not quite done it with no additional healing to mine. Probably a good thing, the final fight is heal-intensive, but for the first time I healed where we usually have a minstrel and we let the RK do my healing role in that fight (we tried it the other way around and it didn’t work too well, needed a little burst healing, it seemed). So we’re playing around with the concept of the core group and the perfect group and finding, as with any game, that you can tweak it a little if the players know their classes and what they’re doing.

So there you go, a sleep-oppressed update, while I’m still overtim-ing!

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