Weekend over, work starting

February 16, 2009

…but I have today off. Hurrah. So I get to start the catch-up on my blogging.

What’s been on my mind this weekend?

Quite a few things actually, from raids and guilds and all that kind of turbulent emotion from all the kerfuffle in our LotRO guild in the last few weeks, to the upcoming Slayers and my proper return to WAR from an occasional play to a more full-on experience.

Last night, the friends of mine who intend to roll Slayers decided to do the resubbing and patching, and ended up in some open RvR in Praag to celebrate. Since there wasn’t much going on in LotRO and other friends were still dabbling in WoW, I went to join the Praag festivities. And in a little group amongst warbands, we did our thing.

I play a healer in both LotRO and WAR. I get thanked more in WAR. A lot. And yet we all die a hell of a lot more. That’s been on my mind. I don’t really need to be thanked, but it’s interesting only because it shows where the healing is noticed, or where it’s less usual to receive it perhaps.

I love my Rune Priest, but only at level cap and only when grouped. Which is why I’m going to be playing the Warrior Priest with the Slayers. I don’t usually play classes that are seen to be as strong as the Warrior Priest, so I have some fears that I’ll either be rubbish at it, or just not see the appeal.

On the whole, the LotRO captain is my perfect class. But I feel a bit alienated from my social group there, both in the cycle of boredom to enjoyment and also I feel alienated a bit from the guild.

See, I can’t make a fully coherent, sensible post about how things should change. This is just a snapshot for what’s to come!


  1. Not much to do in LotRO at the moment 😦

    Would have loved to have you with us in WoW, but we know how you feel about that game.

  2. Yeah, but doesn’t seem like we’ll get to do the raids in LotRO either at the moment, you’re more hopeful than me about that, unwise.

    I think WoW is a fine game, but I can’t afford that many subs on my 16h/week salary, and I don’t have the time to give to it either, plus, frankly I’d rush too many of the quests for what you wanted to achieve in your time there. And I would want to raid, also.

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