The Greatest Gift that I Possess

February 17, 2009

Sing along now:

‘Pettiness, Pettiness…”

Apologies for anyone who doesn’t get the very very old reference. But yes, it’s got to the stage where pettiness and MMOs is preying on my mind. Not other people’s pettiness, but my own. I feel wronged, and I want to exact revenge on the ‘whole pack’ of them (from Ken Dodd to Shakespeare, hah!). I think of silly little things I could do to annoy them, to ruin their even and calm plans for whatever it might be, perhaps raiding… perhaps not. And I hate myself for it.

This isn’t me.

I’m a perfectly rational being. I work, I hold down a decent job and relationship (which is scarily close to 9 years of marriage and making me feel very old this morning). I don’t do petty. Or, I shouldn’t.

But for some reason, scheming in my head helps me work through my issues. It helps me NOT fall into the trap, most of the time. But I have a swift and savage tongue, and I often go too far. And then I hate myself again.

MMOs bring it out in me more than day-to-day life. Because they’re mostly text-based, you don’t feel the same ties with people are you would face-to-face (and excluding the teamspeak gang I hang out with every night). And because they’ve grown around gear and achievement, and they thrive on the us and them mentality. There’s guilds, groups, channels, forums, all little circles to get to know your fellow players better, and each ‘grouping’ excludes someone. I don’t read forums that much, so I don’t know the forum personalities (I’m glad of this), there are people outside of my guild I barely have anything to do with, etc etc.

It doesn’t matter so much, but it’s an interesting window. Pettiness exists in all areas of life, and it’s important to recognise that. But liking it as a personality trait in myself, can’t do it.

Still, it IS fun to scheme!


  1. Arrgh, I know exactly what you mean.

  2. I find myself losing patience much more quickly with people in the MMO world (particularly WoW) than I used to. In the past I have self-diagnosed this as a symptom of playing too much. It’s easy to spot in others as well, usually in the form of snapping at others in guild/party chat. As far as pettiness, I don’t THINK I am experiencing it, although I certainly haven’t acted upon it if I have.

  3. I don’t get annoyed or petty. I just pretend the rest of the world doesn’t exist.


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