February 19, 2009

Firstly, I’d like to say that me and Spinks were discussing some of this on instant messenger yesterday, so no, I’m not nicking her ideas!!

We’ve been discussing all kinds of things, from MMO inertia to the tribal nature of MMO players. But mostly on my mind yesterday and today has been the suggestions I’d make to the games I play and don’t play.

World of  Warcraft

You can’t help it if you’re mega-successful and that causes some bad feeling amongst other ‘tribes’ of players. Keep on as usual, please your players. And make a new server where I can start at level 50 and I might give Burning Crusade and Lich King a shot. It’d give me 10 levels to learn a class and gather up some cash and then I could try all your ‘revolutionary’ new content. Otherwise, I’m too lazy to do the levelling curve, however horizontal it is. And I don’t necessarily want to mix with really experienced players either.

Lord of the Rings Online

Argh. Release Book 7 content. Please. Really. It may be my fault for playing too fast, but I want to see Lothlorien and Moria desperately needs the planned raid. Keep putting in solo and 3-man instances – we love them for their casual nature. But don’t forget we want to see cool bosses. Also, reduce the  lockout timer on The Watcher to maybe 4 days, put in a token system and nuke Captain daggers from the legendary drops (and any other assorted weapons people don’t want). Don’t tie in new raids to full new gear-sets, the grind of the Moria instances has become annoying, though it was enjoyable to start with. Fix the damn exploits. I’m so sick of hearing someone boasting about taking out a semi-hard boss in 5 mins and knowing they exploited to do so. I don’t like being judgmental, so take away the opportunity! That’s all though, I love you really!

Warhammer Online

You have an excellent opportunity to acquire and retain some new players with the introduction of the Slayers and Choppas. Utilise it and monitor servers, allow transfers from low population ones and let’s hope the fortress system will one day be fun and intuitive. Stop over-hyping features, people get bored of it and you get the ‘cry wolf’ syndrome attributed. Also, adopt the latest Tabula Rasa device and name some drops after your influential community types. I want something of Syp‘s and he never got a Valentine’s card, which frankly SUCKS since he does more for the community than many out there. Though he’d never say it. But it’d be very easy for named items to be adopted, even if it was part of an event. Of all the games I know about, I think WAR is best-placed to put in some named items, so I’m suggesting it here.



  1. It’s an interesting point about not wanting to mix with experienced players. I’ve noticed this in LOTRO also, coming in late you do notice the barriers more (although it really is a friendly game and guild).

    Also for WAR: Sort out Archmages!!!

  2. Well, truthfully I started out wanting to make the suggestions cut across all games, because I agree on LotRO. I wanted to add a server for people to start at 40 with Moria, so they could launch straight into Forochel and Eregion to learn their classes. But then I forgot cos it’s 5am. BAD me.

    Heh, I was also going to add that to WAR (about archmages) and suggest LotRO fix burglars so Levin could smile once in a while.

  3. “Argh. Release Book 7 content. Please. Really. It may be my fault for playing too fast, but I want to see Lothlorien”

    This pretty much single handedly made my decision to put off trying Moria in favor of trying EQ2. I’m sure I’ll get back to LOTRO eventually, but I don’t see why I’d want to hurry back now, only to arrive before they finish adding major content blocks and polishing loose ends.

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