1-Day Weekend

February 23, 2009

Due to my own folly, I only had sunday off this weekend, so I haven’t really been up to much, in any game.

I finally got to Mourkain Temple with my Warrior Priest. Seeing dude with the thing made  my heart warm. But I stopped playing regardless, because I don’t want to hit rank 12 before my Slayer buddies have had a chance to catch up a little.

In LotRO we’ve been helping people get more of their radiance sets (these are the bigs of armour you get for completing  Moria instances on hard-mode and that you need 5 of to safely do the Watcher fight). Still no idea when we’ll get to see the Watcher. It’s been handed over to kin bureaucrats, so my raiding fate is in their hands. Not altogether happy, but I’m sure I’ll survive. So, instead of any of that, I signed up the kin ‘Beginners’ Rift raid, which isn’t really a beginners group at all – they just started a little after we’d been doing it for months, and it seemed the easiest differentiating title at the time. These are people I don’t get to group with much, but now quite a few of us are level 60, it makes the Rift a little more relaxing. I don’t mind it at all, but I don’t think I could go too regularly since it’s a fair timesink at any level.

And then I’ve been pondering doing a trial for a game at some point. Probably after the Slayers have been played up, and after we’ve explored Lothlorien (and hopefully got to see the raid there and complete it). Not decided, but contemplating EQ2 or Vanguard. Vanguard because I was in at the start and actually quite liked it but didn’t really know anyone, EQ2 because everyone is always very nice about it. I suspect they’re both more my style than many other games out there.

Also, finally signed up to GoodReads.com as Arbitrary (if you want to add me, but be warned, am reading through a lot of graphic novels in the run-up to Comic Con!). And got to see my dad sign up to twitter. Scary!

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