To the ‘Moors!

February 24, 2009

For various reasons I found myself  browsing the Codemasters’ LotRO forums recently, and I was in a dreamlike state when I noticed a link in someone’s signature. Usually, I ignore such links, but my interest was piqued and it took me to a site that made me grin, laugh and then grin again as I went through it for ages.

Yes, a Laurelin*-specific series of cartoons based on life in the Ettenmoors, whether Freep (Free Peoples) or Creep (Monster Player). It’s tongue-in-cheek and switches between general PvP humour to more specific personality and character-based humour. And I love it.

It’s via Livejournal, and I don’t want to steal one of his images to give you a preview. So I promise a cookie to everyone who takes a look and comments here. A nom-nom-nom one!

And.. a special prize if anyone can spot a warg called Fleas in there (and no, that’s not me!)


*Laurelin is the server I play on.


  1. Thanks for your kind words on my little pet-project! Afraid I don’t update much anymore as PvMP in Lotro is a bit disappointing atm. Hoping it will get better soon as I miss it a lot. Still, there’s an update now and then (though admittedly there’s only so many things to joke about, sooner or later I’ll run out of material entirely.)

  2. […] the Cat has found a really cool web comic, based on the goings on in her own server and using screenshots to tell the tale. I think this is […]

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