February 28, 2009

What? You noticed I didn’t mention the captain nerf?

Yes, I’m digesting it.

And mulling an alt.


  1. Can we digest and mull in slightly curmudgeonly fashion together? I’m irritated at the human race/blogosphere this morning. I could use someone to grump with while I pretend everyone else doesn’t exist. 😉

  2. I would totally love that Ysh!

  3. A propos nothing at all except this being your latest post — I may have to hunt you Euros down on CoX. And I just remembered I vowed to name my next char (any game) “Gigglespork.”

    Some superhero that’s going to be… Hah!

  4. Just started a Captain, always better to do that after a nerf so you don’t know any better.

  5. @Ethic – you won’t notice the nerf, I’m hoping! And captains are really fun – probably my favourite class since the friar.

    @Ysharros – I have a trial from Ardua but haven’t started it yet, I think he’s on Virtue. Might have to do Bitter Rivals first, or maybe I’ll do CoH and potter to avoid guild drama on LotRO

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