Give me a brooch, Galadriel!!!

February 28, 2009

LotRO players have a lot to think about. The Book 7 patch notes are out and make for some very interesting reading. Lots of stuff is being overhauled and we’re getting around 50 new quests as we take the road into Lothlorien, and another epic book (unsurprisingly). Added to that is the first pass across ALL classes that takes into account their gameplay experiences since Mines of Moria was released, but there’s more than just extra endgame content and class balance.

  • There’s a ton of Monster Play changes I haven’t really had time to digest since I don’t play there that often anymore (poor Drissy the spider and her babies!).
  • There’s a revamp of starting areas that might actually encourage me to make an alt seriously.
  • There’s a reduction in the levelling curve, so things should feel a bit slicker and faster as you level up to 50 and then 60.
  • Exploits in some of the Moria instances have been fixed and I hope will prove to some people I argued this against that these WERE exploits and not just good tactics ™,
  • And tons of bug fixes, etc, the standard patch fare.

Added to all these changes, Turbine manage to keep their patch notes detailed and witty. In the middle of a long list of armour that’s now BoA, there’s a knock-knock joke. In other parts of the patch notes there are subtle jokes about how things used to work. One of my favourites is commenting on a typo being corrected and quality of gameplay being immediately improved.

It’s how patch notes should be. Detailed, jovial and accurate.

And hell, if you were ever thinking of testing out LotRO, the new starter areas polish (or redesign for Ered Luin) and the easier levelling curve is definitely the time to do it. I don’t know if we have a release date for the patch yet, and I’m still feeling a bit alone and miserable where LotRO is concerned, but this is really something the game needed, and I applaud Turbine for doing stuff I thought they wouldn’t do in ages (the starter area bit), while addressing the missing Lothlorien content and doing a pass for all classes.


One comment

  1. I know some people feel that when an MMO eases leveling requirements, it somehow diminishes their own accomplishments. I however, do not mind at all. Perhaps this will help my wife get motivated to start playing, as well as some friends that started and quit in the mid 30’s. Has there been any indication from Turbine about a possible release date for Book 7?

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