A New Day

March 2, 2009

Sparkly new guild in WAR, very happy about that today.

Cats are very cuddly. I’ll have to get a new nerfing cats photo, because you all need to see how Malarkey likes to watch me play MMOs.

Reconnected with friends in LotRO and on teamspeak. All ready and waiting for Bitter Rivals in WAR, and my Warrior Priest is still hovvering just below Tier 2 to watch the Slayers at play.

Day off today, so this is my last day of full slacking before my work week starts. Hurrah.

Oh, and downloading CoX to mess about in in-between times, and also I have Mass Effect to play and a huge pile of graphic novels to make a dent in. I intend to read at least 3 today!!!


  1. I’m about to log into CoX, Virtue server, as “Mors Liberalis” (my bad Latin take on “the handsome gift of death” — long, Ars Magica-related story). My global handle is @Ysharros but I have no idea how one uses those.

    I’d have Tweeted this except Twitter is being an unupdating twat atm.:P

  2. Got lured into a LotRO instance and now shattered… boo. I’ll definitely be trying to find you though!

  3. If I’m around. I got to sneak a few hours in earlier today but tomorrow may be busy again.

    That and I keep making and deleting and making and deleting characters. It’s killing me! CoX has the best (and most frustrating, for someone who has a hard time making choices :P) char creation ever.

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