A Howl a Day

March 3, 2009

It’s vaguely ironic that ITV tried so hard to emulate Buffy by bringing us Demons, while the BBC quietly got on with an excellent supernatural series – Being Human.

I just watched the last episode and it brought back a flood of memories from playing White Wolf tabletop games and also MUSHes, can finally see the appeal of werewolves! Intrigued by CCP’s Vampire offering, but there’s not much out there on it.

Anyway, back to the topic. Being Human was great. I’m glad I watched  it, I’m glad I petitioned for it to be made when they were doing their silly pilot competition, and I’m glad the wider audience has enjoyed it too. So much so that the second series is already commissioned and being written. It IS coming to BBC America, so no-one on that side of the pond has any excuse either!!

Can’t wait for the next series. It now goes alongside Life on Mars and Hustle and another of my favourite modern British shows.


  1. Only caught 1 episode of the show & found it oddly entertaining…drama & comedy mixed together in a rather unique way.

    Maybe I’ll keep an eye out for the repeats…

  2. I think the DVD is due out mid-April too..

  3. Just saw it today and it was great!

    I especially loved the sarcastic priest:
    “Say something religious!!”

    “Jew pray too. I know, I’ve seen Yentl!”

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