Missing the RvR…

March 4, 2009

So European WAR gets patch 1.2 today and I feel a bit distant from it all. I know it’s a big change, and it brings in Bitter Rivals and all… but I’m working all day and then committed to LotRO tonight. I’ll definitely get my husband to patch WAR up for me though, and I do look forward to playing there again soon. Have friends very interested in Slayers, so will try and  hook up with them to do some of the Bitter Rival stuff. I’m kind of lucky though as I have no intention of playing a new class, so I don’t NEED to finish the event. Convenience over achievement… I really must be changing how I play MMOs.

I’m sure blogs, forums and gaming news sites will be full of stuff to read about 1.2, and I’m already finding it a little overwhelming. What I really want to know is… how will it affect me and my playstyle (as the Rune Priest, as I’ll take her out for the event stuff) and how should I spec my Warrior Priest who’s now rank 11 and waiting for some guidance from Sigmar (or friendly commenters, who I know pay attention to things like specs than I do).

I guess I’m finding it hard to commit to the characters in Warhammer, instead enjoying the RvR sandbox I’ve been given to play in while not really caring if I die too much, or if I’m really geared up since I feel no real inclinations right now to experience the endgame. Yes, that’s probably Mythic’s fault, but rather than dwell on it, I fully intend to enjoy the levelling experience over the next few weeks and lose myself in some mindless violence against other players… maybe that’s what I’ve missed in LotRO!

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