Who Watches the Watcher?

March 5, 2009

… Apparently I do.

Last night our kin finally got to The Watcher, after some drafting of raid rules that took weeks, and also toying about with loot rules. It’s not been an easy time to work them all out, and it’s caused a lot of misunderstandings which I’m sure aren’t quite ironed out yet.

But anyway, I signed up for the first raid and was accepted into the initial group and we all got together last night for a series of learning wipes. At least it’s fast and furious. And I’m not going to talk in terms of spoilers here, but I think everyone knows by now it involves going into the Vile Maw, where The Watcher is hanging out and beating on him, and his tentacles. Of course, we don’t have the advantage of the Fellowship, and we’re all a bit wimpier, so it needs 12 of us and some ‘tactics’.

The learning stages are some of the most fun in any raid, but I found myself missing two of my friends a lot. And I was shattered, which also didn’t help. But it was interesting to go in, even though I’m not sure how many times I’ll get to see it… but I’m not that bothered anymore, either! Tell me long enough it’s not worth caring about, and eventually it sinks in, eh?

I am glad Turbine gave us the option to see some of the famous baddies of Middle Earth, just right now I seem to be too tired to appreciate it.

I did get some screenshots of what I imagine is just the first stage of the fight, but didn’t want to spoil it for people, so may have to drop them in another time!

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