March 6, 2009

Taking a few days out to deal with all the overtime and social things I need to do, including going to see Watchmen on sunday morning as it’s really my only free day!

Monday is the trip to Dublin to see GOA, of course, and I’m a little nervous about it all. I’m no journalist, but luckily Ardua will be there and I already met him at Games Day, so that abates the nerves somewhat. Wish Spinks was with me, but I picked a really bad day for her, it seems!

I haven’t had the time to do the Bitter Rivals event except for some of the first day, so I’m hoping on sunday I can at least see a little more of it. I like Warhammer’s live events more than other games, because they’re quite different and mindless, I don’t feel I have to do them and the new scenarios are generally quite fun. I finished Heavy Metal but none of the others. Bad me!

I’m still looking forward to playing my Warrior Priest, not least because LotRO is still in flux for me due to guild drama, which has escalated to our guild leader quitting and leaving… and the calls for no-one else to leave have come on the day I decided I should leave. I should charge for my excellence in timing. So instead I’m avoiding, and avoiding is something I’m good at!



  1. Hope you have a good time in dublin!

    Remember avoiding it is not dealing with it.

  2. Sorry to hear you’re having all of this guild trouble. If you’re unhappy though, do what it takes to make the game fun for you again. It’s a tough decision to leave a guild, and good friends in the process, but in the end it may be for the best. The call to stay may be a measure to help the guild as a whole, but when you’re avoiding even logging in, it’s time you look out for yourself a little bit. Your friends will understand.

  3. @Torvik – as always, I took your advice, sat down and wrote how I was feeling. And left the guild. Once I wrote the first bit, I knew I’d be ok.

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