In-Between Travels

March 11, 2009

I spend my time getting my new netbook ready for travelling. The trip to Dublin and GOA went well and was really fun, hopefully when we organise a London one we’ll get to meet some more players, but Dublin was always going to be a bit of a dice roll in that regard.

Other things have been happening so I’ve had a few days hiatus from gaming.

I left my LotRO kinship, and am now exploring a slightly quieter path. For the moment I’ll be playing some WAR with the new Slayers, so will re-examine LotRO with Lothlorien and Book 7, but I might also try and edge my weapons closer to 50. One of the problems me and the friends who also quit the kin now have is how we go about raiding now without causing too much drama or fuss. We still want to do it, but obviously leaving the kin has made things a little trickier. I’m sure we’ll find a way before the interesting Book 8 raid though, somehow. And if not, well.. maybe LotRO will become a more casual game for me. I’m fairly certain I’ll be doing all the main questing stuff with my pals anyway, and that matters a lot more to me.

And the Slayers land later today. I’m supposed to be at a beer tasting for Natural Selection beer (created for the Darwin Bi-centennary). Beer and dwarfs, it’s quite fitting, really. I should be home in time to see the Slayers in action though, which is good enough for me!

More gaming-thoughtful posts when I’m away from home from Friday-Tuesday, right now I have a ton of stuff to set up on this little computer that’s going to be my home from home.


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