Ridiculous Fun

March 12, 2009

The Slayers and Choppas landed in Europe yesterday and I was back in game as my Warrior Priest (wishing I hadn’t levelled her to rank 11!).

In many ways it was just like release day, Tier 1 was crawling with players, PQs were always completed, lots of scenarios popped. Ok, so there was one major difference, the majority of the action was in the Dwarf vs Greenskin areas (no idea if Elf PQs were being attacked with the same.. fervour), I went to Ekrund! Also, there were masses of cute Slayers and big, hunking Choppas, but that actually added to some of the fun of the evening.

My first run at Gates of Ekrund really was something like 8 Slayers vs 8 Choppas with assorted others. I was having so much fun destroying Choppas (bear in mind I was rank 11, while they were 4 and under), I forgot to heal my Slayer buddies, but I promise to get better, and, in revenge, they got me to rank 12 in about 4 scenarios.

WAR is a fun game when played with a ton of other people. I’m not upset or depressed about all the server merges (or consolidations, MbJ) on both sides of the pond. Every player paying for the experience deserves a full server. WAR was a victim of its own hype, and perhaps that’s the takeaway lesson from the whole affair.

It’s fine to promise the world and psych people up for your product, but really, it HAS to deliver as promised or people will desert any MMO after the first month. A subscription model may earn a company more money, but people are increasingly careful about where their money is going, and to engender disappointment through over-hyping is just not worth it (imho, obviously box sales are easy money too).


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