Twitter bears fruit

March 13, 2009

So today I discovered Turbine has a twitter, and through it that North America gets Book 7 on 17th March, conveniently a day I return home. Of course, we won’t get it immediately afterwards, but I need to use the new update to work out what kind of future LotRO and I have after leaving my kin and feeling well… a bit lonely out there. I’m looking forward to the new quests, and even some of the grinding for rep. It’s the perfect counter-balance for WAR’s fast and furious PvE and more worldly RvR.

If I can get over the kin leaving business, and straighten things out so I can play with my friends again, I imagine it’ll be a lot of fun. Might respec my Capt a bit too, who knows, it might be time to move away from healing, since Turbine want me to spec for morale and off-tanking it seems!

I’m also looking forward to the new xp curve and intend to take the opportunity to try at least one alt and actually questing in the Shire for the first time. So if anyone is thinking of starting up an alt and wants to join my potential warden on Laurelin for maybe one night a week or so, just let me know.

So, for the record, on twitter I follow SatineCM, Turbine and Codies. In terms of LotRO. For WAR I just follow JoshDrescher and thatbarnettblok, along with a couple of others, but I had to take off all the official-ish ones for being exclusively about the US experience and very spammy. Still follow them via Book of Grudges though!

ps. here is the twitter quotation (the important bit anyway):

LOTRO: Aren’t you glad you’re following us? You’re the first to know that Book 7: Leaves of Lorien arrives in NA on Tuesday, March 17!


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