Beware: Idus Martias

March 15, 2009

After all the excitement of Pi Day (3/14) in the US, Europe now brings you the Ides of March!! A time to beware, if your name happens to be Julius Caesar…

…which is quite appropriate as Spinks is introducing me to the Rome miniseries, something I always meant to watch but never really got around to.

And you might gather from this that this weekend I’m away from home, away from my computer and haven’t picked up a computer game at all. You’d be right. It’s always strange to be away from my normal routine, but it’s also quite relaxing.

That being said, I can’t wait to get back to WAR. I hear from KIASA that the Inevitable City is being attacked fairly regularly on Burlok, but I still don’t feel any draw to the endgame, instead I’m missing levelling with my pals. Tomorrow, I intend to steal Spinks’ husband’s computer and play a bit with her. A bit of WAR goes a long way.

And since I now know Book 7 for LotRO will hit Europe on 27th March, I know I have some time before I get back to my Captain and explore her new lesser skills.

Looking forward to being home, but also enjoying the break!



  1. I think the UK should have 22/7 as its Pi day.

  2. I named it as such on Twitter, which, as we all know, makes it so!

    I definitely intend to celebrate it that day in future, though of course.. I’ll be in the US for Comic Con then. So I miss Pi Day both times this year.

    But as my sister says, every day is pi/e day!

  3. T’ch, so you did! I really need to pay more attention to Twitter, but like anything on the Internet, I just get so easily distracted by

    • Ah, but now we can share our genius!

  4. I must confess that I know it from the quote:

    “I’m pisexual. I am attracted to 22/7 different sexes”

    Funny how that’s the only quote I ever manage to remember…

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