Home Time

March 17, 2009

Back home today, after a bizarre day of travelling all due to my own random timetabling. I’ve had a good and relaxing weekend away. I’ve watched the entirety of Rome (and enjoyed it), I’ve eaten well, I’ve caught up on reading everything on my feed reader and will be commenting on some of it in the coming days.

I’ve even managed to get in some WAR-play yesterday, on my brother-in-law’s computer (which I didn’t abuse all that much, honest!). It was a fun session, we queued for scenarios and ran amok in the Marshes of Madness, doing easy PQs and getting influence, while chatting, preparing lunch and doing every scenario that popped – by the end of the afternoon they were fairly incessant. I think I’m a pretty rubbish Warrior Priest, but it’s quite fun, and a change from the Rune Priest. Still can’t decide which I prefer though.

In the coming weeks I need to get out of my LotRO funk and prepare for Book 7. I also need to stop reading LotRO forums, it seems. Distance makes the funk flounder. I look forward to playing more of my Warrior Priest in WAR, and to seeing Tier 3 sometime before Lothlorien hits. Talk about mixing games up in a bizarre manner.

More posts incoming, when I get back to my own computer!

One comment

  1. Glad you enjoyed “Rome”, it’s definitely one of my favorite TV series. I’m sure a lot of those actors (Ciaran Hinds, Polly Walker, et. al.) are familiar to you, but many Americans were seeing them for the first time. The cast really made the show for me. I know they spent a lot of money on the sets and costumes, but all that would have been pointless if the cast wasn’t so magnificent.

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