Different Settings

March 22, 2009

The other day, while trying to be a bit less random in the blog, I was thinking about settings I ‘d find refreshing in the MMO-sphere. Or ones that would actually demand my attention – especially as, at the moment, there are none I’m desperately excited about that I’m not already playing. Despite being a geek, I’m not that into the idea of a space game, though Star Trek is a world I enjoy to watch, I’m not sure if I want to play in that sandbox…

The idea of a Firefly universe appealed, but I don’t honestly think we’ll get one, despite previous talk and speculation. I’m fascinated by CCP’s involvement with a World of Darkness MMO, because my 20s were spent playing WoD MUSHes and tabletop, so I can’t disguise my love of the setting – but again, we’ve heard very little about it, so I don’t know if it’ll turn into a reality. But other that these vague rumours, what other settings would interest me personally?

I’d like to see something Steampunk, I think a lot of us would.

I’d like to see the Fallout MMO, despite watching my husband play most of the games, I feel that I know they myself.

I’d like a historical MMO (Go Vin Diesel). I can’t decide what historical setting I’d like most, there’s quite a few that appeal, but I’d like to see one out there (in fact, I was fairly interested in Imperator, but then Mythic went and made Warhammer Online instead!).  Revisionist history would be good too (like Orson Scott Card’s Alvin series, which mixes magic and an alternate American history).

I’d quite like an urban fantasy MMO. Maybe World of Darkness will scratch that itch, but something that combined magic with real-worldliness in some way would be pretty good.

I think I just want something that matches my tastes in TV and books, almost real, but not quite. But just something a bit different in some way. It’s weird that of all the rumoured and in-development games, the one that really does appeal most is the World of Darkness one, but only because it’s CCP developing it as well. There’s a danger it’ll be full of emo kids, but if they can get it right, I’d welcome a return to the World of Darkness!



  1. Re: Steampunk, I was pointed to this when I expressed a similar desire.

    http://www.mindfusegames.com/ — game is called Gatheryn. ETA, not sure. But it certainly looks interesting.

    I’m watching WoD like a hawk (ok, a hawk on another continent who doesn’t really check the web info at all) too. My fave t-shirt EVAR is the Gangrel tee I got at Euro GenCon in… oh, 1991? Back when it was still at Camber Sands, anyway. It’s extremely delicate these days, almost saintly it’s so holy, but it’s still my fave. I never did manage to get into any of the WoD MUSHes I found here and there — the barrier seemed really high to me, but maybe I didn’t find the right ones.

  2. I keep on hoping we’ll get the Firefly MMO, to the point where I’ve been running http://fireflymmo.com/ since I first heard of the possibility. But at this stage, I reckon Multiverse’s stuff is closing on vapourware, and we’ll just have to wait for the licence to be moved on to someone else.

  3. Re: urban fantasy MMOs… Charles De Lint’s Newford setting would be excellent for this.

    I also think that the World of Darkness has a lot of potential there, especially with the Mage and Changeling rules.

  4. Newford is awfully close to the real world – what would you envisage doing in such a game?

  5. Newford is just as close to the real world as the World of Darkness is (which is after all also nominally set in the real world; thus the Masquerade); Newford’s filled with faeries, manitou, and magic of all sorts. I’d expect to interact with and form relationships with various factions of magical creatures or people, and to get involved in investigating and protecting the city from various magical threats (or becoming onesuch myself).

  6. Interesting. WoD comes across to me as being MMO-ish by way of combat, of which there’s plenty in the existing games. Newford has a lot less of the violent resolution. That doesn’t make it impossible to make into an MMO, but it would be very different.

  7. Absolutely true, but I don’t see that as a bad thing. Current games over-rely on violence as the solution to all problems; a game set in Newford would be more geared to diplomacy and puzzle-solving. There is a moderate amount of violent resolution in De Lint’s books, e.g. the Jack of Kinrowan books, as well, so that could remain an option, with lesser focus as above.

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