March 24, 2009

Book 7 is loaded, for us, on 27th March.

In WAR we have a field of Slayers and Choppas and a fullish set of RvR lakes.

A group of friends, including me, are also testing out Vanguard. Came as a bit of a surprise. Will be interesting to see how we fit it all in!

It might make me a bit quiet, or it may give me more to talk about in the coming days. I know I can’t play Book 7 on 27th, as I work late that night so will just patch and leave it for later – the lifetime sub makes everything a little less urgent and hey, maybe it’s time to play more casually now I have no kinship there.

WAR, I still like for a few nights a week, but I don’t feel it as intensely as I did with DAoC, so that means I feel I don’t need to be on every night.

Vanguard so far.. makes me feel very lost and like a 3-yr-old trying to write Shakespeare. I made a bard cos I remembered how cool it was to run fast with a big drum. And chop down trees. Don’t expect learned info here, folks!!


  1. Vanguard Bards are win! Or used to be. Not brilliant at anything in particular but really really versatile, which is their basic purpose. It takes a while to get decent song-parts though, but (if things haven’t changed too much in almost 2 years) by the time you get to the teens you’ll have much more choice of how you put songs together for what occasion, and that just keeps expanding.

    VG Bard <3!

  2. Had alot of fun with a Bard myself – Ysharros’ description is right on 😀

    Poor Vanguard – another case of good game, bad launch :/

  3. I’d love to hear your thoughts as you get to know the game. It really is good, performance issues aside. I’ve dabbled in it here and there over the past year or so and have always enjoyed it. The learning curve is a little steeper than most games but trial island makes it a lot easier to get used to everything. Just pick up all the quests you can and enjoy the lush, beautiful world that is Telon.

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