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April 1, 2009

First of all, thanks to Kill Ten Rats for pointing out a very interesting trademark.. Go on, head over to RidersofRohan.com. Not entirely unexpected, but also not announced yet officially. Wonder if all our dreams of a ‘design-your-own’ pony will come to light! Yes, seriously we decided that in Rohan we’d have mounted combat but also the chance to design our own mounts. I kind of want a palomino.  Oh no, am I going a bit girly with all this talk of my pony plans? Mwahahaha.

More seriously, we supposedly get Book 7 tomorrow, but I won’t be playing it till friday at least (I work late on thursdays so I rarely get in any quality gaming then, though I will patch it). Not read of any delays as yet, but wouldn’t be all that surprised since it’s already been delayed by 1 week from the original expected drop date.

I haven’t played much LotRO since I left the kin. So now I need to buck up, enter Lothlorien with a new mindset, find a raiding group for the lair of the giant turtle I don’t want to kill cos I love turtles too… Seriously, I do love turtles. In WoW I had a turtle pet just cos I love them so much. Oh well, the need to raid will take over am sure… if we can just get a raiding group. I’m not hopeful, but I try to be.

Am looking forward to hanging out with my friends in Middle Earth again, and to exploring the elfy bits. Despite them having elves in.


  1. Makes sense. They can talk all they want about having the license to the Hobbit etc, but the real meat and bones of the license is the LOTR trilogy, and Rohan would be the next logical place to go. Mirkwood and Dale will be interesting places to visit someday, but the focus of a paid expansion is one area in MMO design where the majority needs to rule.

  2. Design your own pony?

    I’d buy that.

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