Thestran Explorer

April 2, 2009

For the last couple of weeks, my ‘fixed’ group have been exploring Vanguard. We were a bit tired of chatting a lot on Teamspeak but playing separate games and with the delays in Book 7 in LotRO found ourselves wanting somewhere we could go learn and play together. A couple of us played Vanguard at launch, I was one of them. I didn’t do much though, I played a disciple for a bit and then switched to a halfling bard, and spent ages just running around fast and chopping trees.

So I made a halfling bard again. Fitted in quite well as the group already had a healer and tank. I could have picked another healer and gone back to a disciple, which I remember enjoying. But I wanted to zoom around a lot!! So a bard. I might test a shaman sometime, cos the Phoenix stuff appeals, but so far I’m really enjoying the hybrid-ness of the bard. And the speed.

We spent a week on the Isle of Dawn, the new trial area, where you get good gear for following through the quests and where things generally flow pretty well. I was the last to download and get on the game, so I had the usual mad panic and try to catch up on knowledge, even though the gang were remarkably disciplined in not questing till we were all online.

And that’s been the true gift of Vanguard, the three spheres. We have 2-3 people crafting with fury and intent, one doing diplomacy and then me as the half-hearted crafter always a bit behind, but all of us can get on with these spheres and then go adventuring when we’re all together. It’s worked pretty well so far. Was a bit annoyed and frustrated that you can’t leave the Isle of Dawn until you subscribe to the game. But one of the group very kindly donated a free month to me.. because I’m notoriously against paying for too many MMOs at once.

So now I’m officially juggling 3. I think WAR is going to 1-2 nights a week, LotRO will get some attention from Friday onwards, and then Vanguard as and when. I really like it, it’s a breath of fresh air. But it may remain as something we used as a way to be together. Also I wish it let me alt-tab, and that it didn’t crash my computer when I exited the game. It’s a bit of a hog on the system which is weird since it’s been out so long!

Have also discussed trying out EQ2 when we next need a sanctuary. But really, 4 games might blow my mind!


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  1. Let me know if/when you decide to try EQ2… I’ve been trying really hard to resist reupping my account.

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