A Speedy Look at Vanguard

April 7, 2009

Our little group has now hit level 18 in Vanguard thanks to the Achatlan Caves (a place filled with redcaps, spiders and achatlans which are kind of flailing beasties that need to die). Bored of doing solo quests as a group, we’ve decided to move onto just doing group content. The xp is awesome, the challenge greater, and one day I might get to test my mez!

We have a Psionicist, Ranger, Cleric, Paladin and me, the Bard. I’m not sure any of the others know what I do other than yell a bit, hit things with two weapons and provide speeeeed. I love speed. I love it when minstrels provide it. And it’s interesting being back to the DAoC minstrel type, a hybrid that doesn’t heal. Though I miss healing enough that I went and made a Shaman to toddle about with. I played a Disciple a bit on release and I don’t like mages too much, plus I’m obsessed by Phoenix(es) so Shaman kind of appealed. It’s only level 5 though – the rep grind of LotRO has been distracting me!

Vanguard crashes my computer when I exit it. Other than that it’s stable enough, but I wish it was easier for me to alt-tab. That said, I’m quite enjoying bringing some dps to the party for a change. One day I’ll pick a specialist class though, but it seems increasingly unlikely. It’s also a little sad that Vanguard is providing our group content, because Lothlorien is so unrelentlessly solo. But, at least Vanguard is there and the group content is pretty solid, even at low level.

The complexity of the classes is something to get used to, but means we’re all doing multiple things, and I hope we’re all enjoying having that to keep us on our toes.

More when we progress! (have to dash to work)



  1. You’ll actually get some healing songs later on. (Well – you used to. Take all my Bard info with a 2-year old grain of salt!) You’ll also get some mana renewal songs and other hybrid utility goodness.

    But you’re right — for the most part, people don’t really notice what bards do for the group until the bard is gone. Also, what you do will keep beefing up; again, if things haven’t changed too much then at 18 you’re just starting to scratch some of the cool songs/song parts you’re going to get. You will eventually be swapping songs on the go to adapt to various situations (not frenetically, mostly, but it won’t be “turn one on and don’t check it for 3 days”).

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