Free LotRO, spread the word!

April 18, 2009

MMeOw brings me news of Codemasters new initiative to celebrate the 2nd anniversary of LotRO, they’re teaming up with Eurogamer to give away 2,000 copies of LotRO: Shadows of Angmar (ie. the original game, but not the expansion) on 24th April after 2pm GMT (ie. 3pm UK time). You do need to be signed up to the Eurogamer community, so if this interests you or anyone you know, get that sorted first! And good luck, hope to see you on Laurelin if you go for it…

MMeOw also has a good post up about a Spring fashion competition Codemasters are holding, quite outside of the game, but with submissions to be sent by email. I know two dwarves that NEED to submit for worst-dressed couple! I think I could probably manage a worst-dressed, as I’m terrible at actually using the cosmetic slots for anything except not showing cloaks, helmets, etc. But I know the community will have a heap of fun with this and it does again show Codemasters willing to have a bit of fun with the community.

We’re still, as far as I know, waiting to hear what in-game activities will mark the anniversary, if it matches either of the above, I think I’ll be happy.


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